Our Goals

Dear fellow Warren voters,

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about our candidates in anticipation of voting on Election Day. We wanted to take a brief moment to outline our credentials as Warren Township Committeemen in asking that you reelect us for another term to serve you and all the residents of our great Town.  For the past 5 plus years, we have lead the Township as your elected officials, each of us serving as Mayor, as well.  We began our public service with one unwavering principle in mind: to represent the Warren residents the best we can.  We promised to repair roads, be fiscally responsible and maintain our farm-like character.  We have accomplished these goals and more.   On November 7th, we respectfully ask for your vote.

While our Township continues to evolve, we have other goals yet still consistent with the ones we were first elected to do.  Of most importance is the potential of over development, which our Township has successfully managed.  As many of you may know, Warren, like all other towns in this State, is subject to fair-share housing claims that are making their way through the court system.  As decade-long residents of this great rural Town, we have challenged Trenton-mandated housing requirements and continue to fight for fellow residents to try to manage our own housing goals locally.  This is a time—more important than ever—that experienced leadership is needed for our Township on this issue.  This is what we bring to the table on this critical issue, and we will continue to vigorously defend the small town character of Warren in which we have raised and continue to raise our families.

We pledge to work on the following for the best interest of Warren Township and its residents:

*   Continue to fight to manage Warren’s fair-share housing obligations.

*   Continue fiscal responsibility – maintain our AAA bond rating and evaluate alternative options to manage budgets.

*   Continue to review, improve, and evolve township services that positively impact each resident.

*   In a changing world, we will always work closely with our Police, EMS, Fire and OEM to ensure our residents continue to be provided the safety and security each household and business has come to expect.

We have laid the groundwork for much of this already during the past five years, but have much more to do.  We will continue our efforts, as promised, to the best of our ability.  With your vote on November 7th that will become a reality.  We again, respectfully, ask for your vote on that day.

Kind regards,