EDITOR: On behalf of Mick Marion and George Lazo, we would like to thank all the voters of Warren Township for making it out to the polls on such a rainy Election Day. Mick and George are extremely grateful for and humbled by the tremendous voter support they received this election.


The significant voter outpouring for Mick and George speaks volumes as to voters’ view toward this town – they like it just the way it is. And, there is a lot to like.


It is no surprise that Warren was ranked by as sixth in the entire nation on its list of “Best Places to Live” in the United States, and based upon FBI statistics, Warren was reported as having the second lowest violent crime rate in New Jersey. Warren has also been given a AAA bond rating by both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s and has a debt ratio of less than one-half of aonepercent while other New Jersey municipalities are upwards of 3.5 percent.

These are just some of the results of the hard work and fiscally sound stewardship of Mick and George to help keep Warren the great town that it is. As we have expressed before, we are fortunate to have extremely smart and knowledgeable voters in Warren who know the public service history of Mick and George and have spoken loudly in this election that they want them to continue.


Rest assured that Mick and George take this charge very seriously, as they have throughout their public service, and they will continue to make themselves available and represent all their constituents in Warren with the same passion and care that they have for the past five-plus years.


They appreciate and look forward to the continued opportunity to serve the great residents of Warren and simply want to say ‘thank you’ for all the support.


Campaign Manager

Marion/Lazo Campaign